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when you try to click an image on tumblr to see a bigger version but you get redirected to someones blog


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I thought I was upset because my parents are insane, but Ron just showed me the real reason.

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for all of my teen wolf bb’s freaking out over Isaac

Jeff said the death would (could?) change the title sequence. 

Isaac is not the one who’s going to die bc he’s not in the title sequence. 

We’re good.


could you imagine how fucking anti-climatic that would be?! Jeff wouldn’t do that. At this point if Isaac did die it’d be like if they had that stupid “I’m coming home” song playing in the background and people hold hands in slow-mo around Isaac as the machine makes the flatline noise while the dingle single solitary tear rolls down their cheeks.

It’d be so fucking stupid.

That ain’t gonna happen.

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people get more stupid every day


people get more stupid every day

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I need Lucy Liu to replace every white male in a leading role ever I need Lucy Liu to be ironman I need Lucy Liu to be Indiana Jones and I want her to play everyone in The Expendables at the same time

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